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I got mad love for you, shorty. That’s on the real.

I like — I wanna like listen to Boyz II Men when I’m with you.

Hello...Goodbye...Moving on to Bigger and Better Things.
Josh - Yay! No yay.
Hello, everyone!

Alright, so daisiesdaily and I have been hard at work setting up a new, combined icon-making challenge comm, especially for Drake Bell and Josh Peck, called….wait for it….


(I know, SO original, right? Lol!) Hey…it took a while to come up with something NOT lame, okay? (and that would fit in the 15 character limit. ~_~)

Anyhow, if you’d like to keep making and/or voting on icons for the illustrious Drake and Josh, along with new special weekly challenges, head over to dnj_icontest and join in! We’ll be posting the first challenge as soon as we have enough members.

joshpeckstills will remain here, for posterity’s sake, and so if you want to grab the awesome icons that were made here, you can do so! Please remember to credit the original makers!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or daisiesdaily. Thank you guys for making my first icontest comm AWESOME! I had SO much fun rockin’ out with you and Joshie. :)

PEACE HOMIES! Catch you on the fly…

- Raven

JPS Update
Josh - adorkable
You may have noticed I didn't post a new challenge with the voting last week.

Well, that's because daisiesdaily (of drakebellstills ) and I have been talking and we're in the process of making a new icontest community that's a combination of our two comms. It will center around both Drake Bell and Josh Peck, both as individuals and together. Things will be somewhat different by way of challenges, so hopefully it'll draw more of you out of lurking and into participating!

This has come about simply because every week at both our comms, its always the same three or four people entering each challenge, if we're lucky. So we hope this will be a good choice for us and for you!

Stay tuned, we'll let you know when the comm is up and functional.

Challenge no.12 Results!
Josh - SQUEE
Congratulations everyone! Now using the tried and true Tally System™, I give you this week's results!

And the winners are...Collapse )

Because I'm up ridiculously late, and will therefore be sleeping in...a reminder...
Josh - sunglare
Please remember to VOTE for the current challenge!!! Voting ends tomorrow/today, Monday. I'll try for 3pm PST. lol.

I'll put up the results with more info on what's going on with JPS!

Thanks, peeps!

ROCK THE VOTE! Challenge no.12
Josh - sunglare
FINALLY! XD Sorry for the MAJOR delay, bbs... ringohavabanana was generous enough to buy me a pro account at Photobucket (you really didn't need to do that, bb!) so thank him for the return of JPS. lol. And all my photos and graphics all over the web. XD And without further ado....

Entry count: 11

Rock that vote, playas!Collapse )

P.S. Voting will go until Monday morning, since we're off schedule. I'll let you know more about what's gonna happen with JPS then!

Update on JPS
Josh - unruly is what it is!
Hey ya'll! I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about posting the voting round for joshpeckstills . My photobucket account has exceeded it's bandwidth limit, so I can't post it yet. =/ (Yes, Raven is a dumb mod, and didn't think to make a separate account for JPS, or for the multitude of Idol concert pics she took and then promptly posted all over ontd_ai . *facepalm*)

Also, I've been thinking about this for awhile, but I'd like your opinions... Things around here (and on drakebellstills ) have been rather slow, in terms of votes and submissions... I can probably attribute that to a few things, among them the time of year, not a lot going on in Joshland so not a lot of new pics, and just general lack of interest at the moment. So I might be putting JPS on hold after this challenge is over. Maybe just for the summer, or, possibly, indefinitely. What I'm asking is, IS there still interest in keeping comms like joshpeckstills and drakebellstills  running? daisiesdaily and I have been talking, about either combining our comms into one for both Drake&Josh, or expanding it to include other celebrities, but it's all very up in the air, and it might never happen.

If you guys have any thoughts or questions for me, though, regarding keeping joshpeckstills alive, please let me know. Moding a comm takes a good chunk of time and energy, and I love doing it, but if the interest dies out, there's not a lot of point in trying to keep drumming it up. Especially with the nature of this comm and that member participation is key in the functionality of it.

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you all know what's up, and I'm sorry you'll be seeing "exceeded bandwidth" images all over the place from me. lol.


Josh - joshua.
Just a quick note to remind ya'll that the current joshpeckstills challenge is closing tomorrow morning! We still only have a few entries, so if you haven't entered yet, please do!

Reminder and Extension
Josh - joshie boy
Alrighty, homies! I know I've been a little slack on my modly duties....forgetting to remind everyone about the challenges and whatnot, but there have only been two entries to this week's challenge, and that really isn't enough to vote on! So - if any of you forgot or were too busy with the U.S. holiday and all, I'll be giving you guys a week's extension. So all entries are due in Monday the 13th! Happy iconing! (Yes, it's a verb. ringohavabanana and I made it up, and I like it, so it's being added to the dictionary. XD)

Peace! And I hope you all are having a great summer! :D

Challenge no.11 Results!
Josh - SQUEE
Congratulations everyone! Now using the tried and true Tally System™, I give you this week's results!

And the winners are...Collapse )

Also: don't forget challenge twelve going on here!

Hey, Homies!
Josh - sexy stare
Just a quick reminder to remember to VOTE! Anyone can do it...not just those who entered! Voting ends tomorrow morning at 8am PST. Also, don't forget challenge 12 going on here!


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