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I got mad love for you, shorty. That’s on the real.

I like — I wanna like listen to Boyz II Men when I’m with you.

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Reminder and Extension
Josh - joshie boy
aki_hoshi wrote in joshpeckstills
Alrighty, homies! I know I've been a little slack on my modly duties....forgetting to remind everyone about the challenges and whatnot, but there have only been two entries to this week's challenge, and that really isn't enough to vote on! So - if any of you forgot or were too busy with the U.S. holiday and all, I'll be giving you guys a week's extension. So all entries are due in Monday the 13th! Happy iconing! (Yes, it's a verb. ringohavabanana and I made it up, and I like it, so it's being added to the dictionary. XD)

Peace! And I hope you all are having a great summer! :D

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Thank you! I had a holy shit moment when I realized I didn't do icons for this weeks challenge!

LOL! You're welcome! You know I would have bugged you anyways, right? XD

Haha, very true. I was wondering why I didn't get yelled at for not making icons this week ~_o

Hahahah! Mostly because I've been in Kradamland for the last few days, so I sorta forgot about it, I'm trying to wake up enough to go get my haircut. lol. I've been staying up REALLY late lately. My sleep schedule's all messed up. =/

Aww, if it's not work that is messing your schedule up it's your obsessions, lol.

Pretty much, yeah! lol.

Srsly, I stayed up till 4:30am Saturday night watching eps of AI8. lol. You know, after all my friends left from our 4th of July party at like, midnight. lol.


See, this is where I'm convinced that the concert will only make things worse, lol.

LOL!!!! Probably. But, you know, it's okay. I was only up til 1:30am last night because I was writing my RPF Big Bang fic. lol. Once I see them in concert, and the excitement from that dies down to a normal level, things will be a bit less obsessive. lol. It's all because it's bright and shiny and new. XD I was the same way with D&J.

:) I know. I'm glad you get to go to the concert. It's gonna be fun!!!!

I'm super excited! You know I'll be INSANELY jealous of you for going to see Drake, though, right? XD I can't wait until he comes somewhere near here... Maybe his PR people don't think he's got a big fanbase in this neck of the woods. =/

Maybe with his new album coming out he'll do a bigger tour?

I'm hoping to borrow my friends camera so I can get really good pictures for you.

Hopefully! And that would be AWESOME. I've gotta call and find out if cameras are allowed at the AI concert.... I hope so! I won't be close enough to get good pics from my cell, which takes the crappiest pics ever anyway.

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