Suspicious Josh


I got mad love for you, shorty. That’s on the real.

I like — I wanna like listen to Boyz II Men when I’m with you.

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JPS Update
Josh - adorkable
aki_hoshi wrote in joshpeckstills
You may have noticed I didn't post a new challenge with the voting last week.

Well, that's because daisiesdaily (of drakebellstills ) and I have been talking and we're in the process of making a new icontest community that's a combination of our two comms. It will center around both Drake Bell and Josh Peck, both as individuals and together. Things will be somewhat different by way of challenges, so hopefully it'll draw more of you out of lurking and into participating!

This has come about simply because every week at both our comms, its always the same three or four people entering each challenge, if we're lucky. So we hope this will be a good choice for us and for you!

Stay tuned, we'll let you know when the comm is up and functional.


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